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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I apply to be a member?

We have our membership application hosted on the website for you to fill out and submit electronically.  You may also download a copy of our offline form to fill it out and bring to a meeting with you.  See our membership application page under the Resources menu above.

Do you have membership dues?

Yes, membership dues are $75 annually per member.  The dues fund things like this website, your meal at the meeting and other activities / donations that the Alliance has as part of its annual budget.


Where are meetings held?

Unless announced otherwise, meetings are held over lunch from 11:30 AM till 1:00 PM every other month at the Jackson Area Community Center (JACC).

What is the typical agenda at a meeting?

We meet over lunch.  In-person attendees eat a meal together and network for the first 30 minutes.  We then have the formal meeting with any announcements from the board followed by a program.  The programs could be unique content and educational content from members, or key updates from local and state government officials.

Membership Benefits

What are the benefits of a GJBA membership?

Just to name a few: advertising your business, networking with other members, referral sources, your business name listed in the gift check program register.

Community Involvement

How does the GJBA give back?

We have put over $3k back into the local economy with donations to our gift check program.  We are key volunteers / participants in working at Action in Jackson raising a signficant amonut of capital for the event.  We provide scholarships each year to high school seniors.  We are actively looking to give back to our local community.

Join the GJBA 

We would love to have you as a new member!